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Escaping the Gray

Taking what you need, and leaving the rest behind

Perspective is perhaps the most overlooked and undervalued aspect of our lives. In this blog, I will be evaluating the ways in which our point of view exaggerates, embellishes, and casts shadows across our reality.

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Catching My Breath

At the time I tested positive, I felt fine... better, in fact, than I had in weeks. I was beyond frustrated, and I still am.


It is a new year. 366 days of 2020 all reside in our rearview mirror. Armed with survivors' wisdom, we can afford to hope once more while...

Road to Recovery

How do I even begin...? I pondered for a while over how to approach writing this post. It is the first I have written in a while....

Savor Each Moment

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story about a parent and child out on a fishing boat, both of them mourning a tragic loss. Today, I...

The Morning After

Nobody should go through this on their own, and because I do have a strong support network at home, I didn’t have to.

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